Fisher House

My laziness has gotten the best of me, my meal at Fisher House was during the second week of October but I only managed to review it now. Apologies. My friends and I dined at Fisher House to celebrate my 26th birthday as well as have a long overdue catch up! The restaurant – located in Highbrook – was originally a homestead built by Sir Woolf Fisher and now it’s been refurbished as a bar and bistro where you can wine and dine as well as hire out rooms for private functions.

NB – I will only be reviewing the dishes that I ordered as there were five of us, so I was unable to try all the different dishes. Hence, this will be a short review.

I was indecisive on which main to order but ultimately decided to have the grilled eye fillet rather than the fish of the day. It was a good call as my friend (who opted for the fish) was unsatisfied with the salmon special and commented that it was overcooked and dry. My steak, however, was quite the opposite. The eye fillet was juicy and cooked to perfection and this is probably due to the thick cut of the beef as the size prevented overcooking during the grilling process. This was served with duck fat potatoes, watercress and tomatoes. The little amount of accompanying horseradish béarnaise lacked the distinctive mustard-like taste, but despite that, the steak itself was well seasoned, so the lack of sauce is not immensely noticeable.

 Having passed on starters, we had ample room left for dessert. This peanut butter layered mousse with biscuit crumble looked much better than it tasted. Although the mousse had a lovely strong peanut butter taste, the ratio between the biscuit and mousse was not well balanced – making this an exceedingly rich dessert. The texture of the mousse itself, is also rather thick instead of having a light airy consistency. It was rather disappointing.

Our night ended with a loud 21st birthday commencing at the bar where the restaurant felt the need to play ‘Gangham Style’ and ‘Starship’ on full blast. I believe, because of the function, the service was less than desired. I felt rather rushed when ordering and was constantly pestered about drinks. Most importantly, I think that they should have informed the other customers regarding the party as the loud pop music really dampened our mood. Hopefully my next meal there will be an improvement.

Date: Saturday 13th October, 2012 | Location: 117 Kerwyn Avenue, Highbrook | Food: Bar and Bistro


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