Fish – Revisited

As per my previous post, August is Auckland Restaurant Month where over a hundred restaurants in central Auckland offer specials and discounts for the entire month. After the disappointing meal at The Grill, my friends and I decided to have lunch at Fish which is located on the first floor of Hilton Hotel, right by the beautiful waterfront. The last time I was at Fish was nearly a year ago and it left a good impression. Our subsequent visit did not disappoint.

My partner and I opted for the two course lunch where we selected from a special menu while our friends settled for the three course which cost $31 and $39 respectively. Because of my limited appetite that afternoon, my review will just be of the courses that my partner and I ate, as I did not try some of the other dishes that our friends enjoyed.

For entrees, I ordered a serving of the corn chowder that consisted of chunks of tender, flaky fish, pieces of bacon, crab, and vegetables and it was perfect. I prefer my soup to be watery, so it resembles more like broth rather than a thick creamy soup. This dish was well seasoned and was full of various seafood, the pesto crouton was a nice touch. My partner ordered the tempura king prawns and this was garnished with a big dollop of spicy miso mayonnaise. The huge prawns were fresh and succulent and the batter was crispy and light. A great combination of textures.

Fish - RevisitedFish - Revisited

The tuna burger served with curly fries and chipotle slaw was wonderfully presented on a wooden platter. This burger uses a brioche instead of a traditional bun and it was soft on the inside and toasted on the outside. The fish pot pie arrived to the table with a glass dome over the plate and released a lovely smoky aroma when lifted. The filling of the pie incorporates different seafood such as fresh fish, prawns and scallop. This is combined with a creamy crayfish sauce and topped with a layer of potato and melted parmesan cheese. A delicious and rich pot pie.

Fish - RevisitedFish - Revisited

Our lunch at Fish was a success. We did not expect such big portions since it was a special menu, but we were very satisfied with our meal. Their dishes are mostly seafood with the exception of a twice cooked pork belly and two vegetarian choices that could be eaten as an entree or a main. Their quality of the seafood is exceptional and these classic seafood dishes were well executed.

Date: Saturday 11th August, 2012 | Location: Princes Wharf, 147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD | Food: Seafood


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