Food Spotlight: Macarons

Macarons, a delicate and dainty meringue sandwich, is quickly becoming a popular and fashionable pastry that can be found at many cafes and stores throughout Auckland. Macarons consist of two almond-based meringue biscuit shells, sandwiched together with a gooey or velvety filling.

Food Spotlight: Macarons

In terms of a perfect macaron, there are several aspects that you need to consider. The outer crust of the meringue shell should be thin and crispy – delicate with an egg-shell like quality. Directly under the thin crust, the texture should be soft and mildly moist which easily melts in your mouth. The shell should also have a ruffled circumference, however, this is just an aesthetic aspect and has no effect on the taste or texture.

Food Spotlight: Macarons

The type and amount of filling is important. When the macaron shells are generously filled with ganache or cream, the flavour is intensified. Additionally, the filling is where the patisser can show their creative skills and even add a little surprise such as pieces of fruit, jelly and peanut butter into the centre. This increases the variety of flavours and possible combinations making a more interesting and flavoursome macaron.

Food Spotlight: Macarons

I admit, one of the main reasons why I indulge in macarons is due to their adorable and colourful appearance. When shopping and eating at patisseries, I often become infatuated with the beautiful display of macarons behind their glass cabinet and without fail, orders and devour a couple.

Food Spotlight: Macarons

Classic flavours such as chocolate, rose, pistachio, lemon and vanilla can commonly be found in many patisseries. But i enjoy trying different and special flavours because it demonstrates the creativity and originality of the patisser. My favourite so far, is a cherry cheesecake macaron from J’aime les macarons that consisted of one white and one purple coloured shell, sandwiched with a cream cheese ganache with a square of cherry jelly in the middle. They also make an amazing peanut butter and jam macaron that has a peanut butter and raspberry jam filling.

Macarons can be found at: Ma Cherie  (Can be found in Farro’s, Nosh, La Cigale French Market, Dida’s and L’Assiette) | J’aime Les Macarons – Dizengoff Cafe, The Fridge Cafe | Chocolate Boutique | Vainye 


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