The Fridge

My most recent lonesome afternoon tea venture was to The Fridge in Kingsland. After hearing about the amazing macarons that they order from J’aime les macarons, I knew I had to give this place a go. I went in on a sunny Sunday afternoon, around an hour before they were due to closed, and was pleased to still see a good variety of food left in their glass cabinet as well as a range of macarons.

I had eaten a decently sized lunch about two hours beforehand, but gave into temptation and ordered a chicken caesar wrap and coffee rather than just purchasing the macarons to go. The wrap, which was served on its own, had a generous amount of smoked chicken breast as well as fresh crispy lettuce, bacon and caesar sauce. Although I prefer the use of brown meat (i.e. chicken thigh) because it is more juicy compared to chicken breast, the lavish serving of sauce kept the wrap moist which countered the dryness of the chicken, making it a delight to eat.

For the macarons, I only tried two flavours and both were amazing. The cherry cheesecake which has one white shell and one red shell is filled with a cream cheese buttercream with a square of cherry jelly in the center. It was delightful and the jelly was a lovely surprise. The apricot pistachio has two orange shells that were dusted with pistachio crumbs and it is filled with an apricot ganache and a pistachio pate – that too, was also superb.

I think The Fridge is a great little cafe that I can see myself stopping by every couple of weeks and enjoying a nice meal and an excellent coffee while relaxing in their dining area which has a beautiful and homey decor. Their staff were friendly and very helpful in terms of helping me chose the flavours of the macarons. I will, very likely, write a subsequent review about this cafe, after I give their breakfast and lunch menu a try. So for now, I give The Fridge an above average rating but I’ll keep you all posted!

Date: Sunday 24th June, 2012 | Location: 507 New North Road, Kingsland | Food: Cafe


One thought on “The Fridge

  1. I admit, I always get the chicken caesar wrap when I visit The Fridge. I'm in love with the anchovy mayo, though you're right about the rather dry though generous chicken breast. I hope you return for their glorious pies too.

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