Hard Luck Cafe

Hard Luck Cafe describes themselves as an ‘anti-restaurant’ that do not provide the standard services that typical restaurants offer and instead they try to make you feel welcome as if you were in their own home. This eccentric restaurant, located on K’Road, is decorated with spacies and pin ball machines, quirky artworks by local artists, and an outdoor seating area that provides bean bags for extra comfort

Last weekend, my partner and I came here for lunch and were greeted with a decent menu that offer hearty meals such as pizzas, mini burgers (which they call slyders instead of sliders), tacos, steaks, and salads. As I was fairly hungry, I ordered the minute steaks which was a tender aged porterhouse served with home-cut chips, onion gravy and topped with a fried egg. The portion was unexpectedly large for only $20 and the two steaks were slightly over cooked for my liking (medium instead of medium rare). However, everything else about this dish was perfect. The fried egg was cooked to perfection with a runny yolk, the onion gravy was tasty and not overly salty, and the side of mustard was phenomenal when eaten with the juicy steak.

My partner ordered the beer battered fish and chips and that was accompanied with tomato sauce, tartare and vinegar. I seldom find restaurants offering a side of vinegar with their fish and chips which is a shame as I love the taste of vinegar with battered fish. The fish was moist and succulent and the batter was light and crispy. Portion-wise, it was smaller that the minute steaks, but for $18, it is still very reasonable.
Hard Luck Cafe would make an excellent spot for people to hang out, relax, and feast on amazing food. I can easily spend the better half of my weekend sitting on their comfortable chairs, chatting with my friends over a pont of cold Sapporo and nibbling on a side of chips. Parking on K’Road can be a nuisance but I assure you, it is worth the trouble.

Date: Saturday 23rd June, 2012 | Location: Unit 103/150 Karangahape Road, Auckland | Food: Causal Dining / Cafe


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