In this short and simple review, I am going to declare my love for Vaniye. This well-hidden Parisian pâtisserie shop recently opened in Parnell at the beginning of May is already famous for their desserts due to their popularity in the Howick market as well as their recent review in the Viva Magazine.

I stopped by last weekend to purchase a small box of macarons and could not resist their beautiful glass cabinet which was filled with a nice selection of tarts and handmade cakes. So instead of walking in and out, I decided to stay and enjoy a coffee. The online reviews that I had previously come across often praise their fabulous chocolate tart that has a 70% Valrhona chocolate filling so I was very tempted to give that a try. However, I was after something slightly lighter, so instead, I ordered the Pistachella. It has alternating layers of light pistachio sponge, rich cholocate ganache and crunchy pistachio malt crisps. An excellent combination and it was perfect.

They offer a nice variety of macarons with interesting flavours. From right to left the flavours are dark belgian chocolate, salted-butter caramel, black sesame, lychee and rose, and pistachio. Some of the flavours were very unique, the salted-butter caramel reminded me of salty and sweet popcorn and the dark chocolate version was delightful. They melt in your mouth and the creamy ganache center between the shells was divine.

I don’t think I can praise Vaniye anymore without being excessive. But along with the flawless coffee and friendly service, Vaniye made my day and I highly recommend to everyone (especially if you have a sweet tooth).

Date: Saturday 1st June, 2012 | Location: 1/7 Windsor Street, Parnell | Food: French Pâtisserie


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