The Beach House

It is hard to find a good fine dining restaurant close to home, and being located in South East Auckland, choices are often limited. There is, however, a staple fine dining restaurant located at Bucklands Beach that has stood the test of time. The Beach House is a small family owned restaurant that is situated along the waterfront of Bucklands Beach that offers a spectacular view of the Haruki Gulf. I’ve been to The Beach House on several occasions and food has always been of an excellent standard, and surprisngly, this is my first time reviewing it online.

Arriving early on a Saturday night without a booking, we were very lucky to secure a table as their dining room was already fully booked and we were served by a lovely waiter who was very thorough and friendly. Their cuisine is a mix of European and Pacific and their menu is extensive with a strong emphasis on seafood.

My friends and I decided to order the pan fried Australian king prawns and mussels served with pasta in a lobster bisque. The dish was overflowing with delicious seafood and fettuccine and the bisque was rich and creamy. My chicken and mushroom fettuccine was delectable. The chicken was moist and tender and the ratio of meat/sauce/pasta was perfect. The cheesey cream sauce was not over-whelming and the crunchy deep-fried parsnip was a nice touch. The free range pork belly and cheeks which was served with roasted beetroot, red cabbage, poached apple, and a smoked hock jus was beautifully plated. However, I did not manage to sneak a taste so I can not comment on the flavors (sorry!).

For dessert, we had the Lemon di Sorrento which consisted of a tart lemon sorbet with a passionfruit center and lemon cream gelato on a thin layer of vanilla sponge cake – this was topped with a tequila lime syrup. A refreshing and delightful dessert which was fruity and not overly sweet. We also had the bella cassata which was a layered tower with chocolate mousse, pistacio ice cream, and chocolate sponge topped with mocha ice cream and coffee anglaise. It was beautifully plated and I really enjoyed the flavor combination. The affogato – single scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with a shot of hot espresso – was delicious and a lovely end to our meal.

The Beach House will always be one of favourite restaurants in South East Auckland. The location is amazing for a romantic dinner or a simple weekend lunch and there is always ample parking available. The service we received that night was exceptional. The staff were attentive, our table was cleared quickly and the water was constantly topped up. We were not pressured to order entrees, sides or drinks  nor were we asked to vacate the table after our meals while my friends and I chatted away. I highly recommend those that are located in central Auckland to venture into Bucklands Beach and dine at The Beach House.

Date: Saturday 26th May, 2012 | Location: 47 The Parade, Bucklands Beach, Auckland | Food: FIne Dining – European and Pacific 


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