Little 107 Cafe

Our initial destination during our lunch get-together in Ponsonby was Hub Cafe, but because they were closed for Easter, my friend and I decided to walked down the road and try Little 107. This cute and cheerful cafe has an old school classroom theme where the indoor furnishing include blackboards, school benches, clip boards as well as beautiful boutique lightings. The outdoor setting is simple and welcoming with brightly coloured tables and chairs.

In terms of food, they have a good selections of slices and cakes in the glass cabinet as well as sandwiches and paninis. They also have a separate all day menu where you can order breakfast or lunch.

My salmon and eggs benedict was decent and the eggs were perfectly poached. However, I was not a fan of the salad they used and considering the price, I expected more salmon. The chicken and mushroom spaghetti was superb. The spaghetti was al dente, the sauce was creamy but not overly rich and there was ample amount of chicken. I, particularly liked this dish, because they use brown meat instead of white, which means the chicken is very moist, tender, and flavoursome.

For beverages, we opted to have iced coffees, which came in adorable glass jars with colourful bendy straws and plates. For coffee beans, they use Caffe L’affare blend which comes from Wellington and you can chose to have either the Gusto or Primo blend.

I quite enjoyed our lunch at Little 107. The food was good, the coffee was fantastic, the staff were friendly and most importantly, it has a relaxing vibe and would be a great place to unwind with a coffee and a good book. Parking in the area can be difficult but with the number of side streets, there is bound to be a free parking nearby. The prices is slightly expensive but so are all the other cafes in Ponsonby. Without a doubt, I would go back again with my book.

Date: Saturday 7th April, 2012 | Location: 107 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | Food: Cafe


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