Food Spotlight: Steak Tartare

Steak tartare is not a dish that everyone appreciates. The look of raw beef on a plate can veer many people away from even trying this dish. The first time I saw it being prepared on a food television show, I was curious about the texture, taste and whether eating it could lead to food poisioning. It took me awhile before I convinced myself that I had to at least give it a try and I was glad that I did. Because I came to the realization that a good steak tartare is phenomenal.

There is something amazing about the combination of raw minced/chopped beef, onions, egg yolks, Dijon mustard, cornichons/gherkins, capers, Worcestershire sauce and Tobasco. However, not all steak tartare are created equal. The quality of the ingredients is crucial expecially the meat as the beef is served raw. But most importantly, what sets a great steak tartare apart is the ratio and quantity of ingredients and seasoning.


In terms of my personal preference, I prefer a very moist steak tartare where ideally, a serving would use two egg yolks instead of one. Also, I like the taste of red onion rather than regular onion as the taste is milder and does not act to overpower the beef and I prefer no capers. The texture is smooth and buttery. It’s not too chewy as the meat is finely minced and because of the type and amount of seasoning, it doesn’t taste bloody.

Anyone that have yet to taste this dish should get adventourous and give it a try. The Grill By Sean Conolly – in my opinion so far – serves the best steak tartare in Auckland. Jervois Steak House and District Dining also has the steak tartare on their permanent menu. And if you are lucky, O’Connell Street Bistro also has this dish in their specials and they make theirs with quail egg. Delish!


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