Takapuna Beach Cafe and Store

This is my second time to Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store and I was sure that I had already reviewed it. But as I can’t seem to locate the entry, I shall review it again. This busy cafe is perfectly located on The Promenade in Takapuna and has a perfect view of Rangitoto and Waitamata Harbour. Takapuna beach is just around the corner and for the shoppaholics, The Department Store is about 5 minutes away.

Now as I said before, this cafe can be extremely busy so you have to be prepared to wait for a table. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and the decor is boutiquey and charming. In the middle of the dining area, there is a lovely display of freshly baked pastries in glass cake stands and domes.

We arrived for a late lunch and were blessed with beautiful weather. My partner ordered the house special iced chocolate and a bacon eggs benedict whereas I got the iced mint and peppermint tea and the roasted mushrooms. I adore the way they serve their iced chocolate. They give you a glass of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup as well as a carafe of cold milk. This allows you control the richness/milkiness of the beverage and can also doubles as dessert! My iced tea was slightly too sweet but it was minty and refreshing.

Our meals took awhile to be served but considering they had a full dining room, the wait was not too bad. My predictable partner had his favourite eggs benedict which was decent but the bacon was slightly too crispy for his liking. My roasted portobello mushrooms served with a creamy cheese sauce and grilled asparagus was divine. The mushrooms were juicy, the baby asparagus were fresh and tender and the sauce was not overpowering or too rich. It was an excellent combination of fresh products.

I really do like this cafe. The location is perfect, the food is lovely and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The downside however is the price. Our meal costed about $60 in total with our drinks averaging at about $8 each. $60 for lunch is rather expensive but surprisingly, despite the price, the cafe is still popular. It’s an excellent place to stop by and have a nice meal, but it certainly is not a daily venture.

Date: Saturday 3rd December, 2011 | Location: 22 The Promenade, Takapuna | Food: Cafe


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