Wellington: Ernesto

Wellington is known for its cafe culture and inside the city centre, you can find a variety of eclectic cafes that serves great coffee and food. Ernesto is one of them. We were rather disappointed that many cafes on Cuba Street were not open during Labour Day so we actually went to Ernesto by chance.

Ernesto is a licensed cafe by day and a restaurant by night and their style of food is contemporary with a Cuban twist. We had stopped by a little before noon and the cafe was full of people. We managed to get the last table available and ordered from their breakfast menu.

My friend ordered the huevos rancheros which is a very popular Mexican breakfast dish. It is a combination of fried tortilla, black beans, bacon and cheese – grilled and served with fried eggs, salsa and avocado. A rather big portion for breakfast and it was very tasty. The black beans with salsa and crispy tortilla makes a great combination. My other friend and I decided to have the bacon eggs benedict because we were sold on Ernesto’s idea of having hash browns instead of English muffins. It was the BEST eggs benedict. Both eggs were perfectly poached with a runny centre, crispy bacon that were not cooked to the point that makes it hard to chew and hash brown. What an ingenious idea to allow patrons to choose to replace muffin/bread with hash browns. The combination of all the components makes this dish divine. Most importantly, the hollandaise sauce was not too overpowering and did not mask the taste of the bacon or hash brown.

I am very glad that we came across Ernesto. Great cafe food for a reasonable price and it kind of reminds me of Alleluya at St. Kevins Arcade which is my favourite cafe in Auckland. A great place to stop by and rest your legs during a tedious day of shopping in the Cuba Street District.

Date: Monday 24th October, 2011 | Location: 132 Cuba Street, Wellington | Food: Cafe


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