Andiamo describes their cuisine as neighborhood dining which offers fine food in a modern bistro style.   It’s been in operation for over 26 years but I’ve only been introduced to it recently. Located on Jervois Road – a couple doors away from Vinnies – their menu focus on seafood/Italian style hence not an authentic Italian cuisine. There is a good variety of dishes to chose from on the menu including different types of meats such as duck, pork, beef and chicken as well as pasta and assorted dishes that caters for vegetarians and people on gluten- and dairy-free diets.

The baked vegetable cannelloni served with Neapolitan sauce, wild rocket and pesto was a hearty dish and the pesto and tomato sauce was a nice combination. The chicken caesar salad was rather disappointing as the chicken was overcooked but the polenta croutons was a nice touch. I didn’t try the seafood and chorizo linguini so I can’t comment on the taste but the portion was on the small size. The eye fillet in combination with the anchovy butter and mushroom puree was amazing. The meat was tender and juicy but the cold pea puree was peculiar and the temperature difference did not work well. My seared John Dory market fish of the day with sauteed prawns and prawn polenta was delectable. The fish was tender and the prawns were perfectly cooked. The sun-dried tomato was a nice addition with the pesto sauce. Finally, the pork belly with crackling and ragout was of great standard and the pork was tender and moist.

In terms of cuisine, Andiamo serves good food but I’m only going to rate them as average as they need to re-examine their service management. I believe it took a good 45 minutes before someone took our order and that is after we waved down two wait staff. We could actually overhear the manager on duty telling staff that we can wait and to serve other people first. However, the evening did get better as the night progressed and the waitress that ended up serving us was lovely. Overall, the meal was nice but for a bistro-style restaurant, the food was on the expensive side. But you have to take into consideration that you are dining on Jervois Road in Herne Bay. Andiamo have both pros and cons, yet it is worth a try. You might get better service than us!

Date: Saturday 1st October, 2011 | Location: 194 Jervois Road, Herne Bay | Food: Italian/Seafood Bistro 


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