Circus Circus – Revisited

The last time I reviewed Circus Circus was over a year ago but I am a regular visitor. This time, I will be reviewing their brunch/lunch which I consider, much better than their dinner service.

Circus Circus has always been a popular place, more so during lunch time where you will find the many dining areas full with patrons. The day we went was no exception. There is a nice variety of dishes available in the brunch/lunch menu as well as a glass cabinet filled with cakes, slices, quiches, sandwiches and salads. Everything we ordered were delicious and arrived approximately fifteen minutes after ordering. Very impressive considering the amount of customers! Ample side salad served with the quiche and they were very generous with the amount of cream cheese with the bagel. The soup served in a bread loaf is worth a try and the eggs benedict was also very good.

My only complaint would be that the coffee took a bit longer to be served as we were mostly finished by the time they arrived. Their brunch/lunch menu has not changed, as I recall, since the first time I’ve been to Circus Circus which was about two years ago. But I guess it works well and there is no need to change. Overall, a great place to stop by for a decent meal or even a coffee with a slice of cake. I definitely prefer having Circus Circus for lunch rather than dinner.

Date: Saturday 1st October, 2011 | Location: 447 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden Village | Food: Cafe Style


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