Fish at Hilton Auckland

Please excuse my extremely delayed blog post. It has been about a month since I ate at Fish but I’ve only gotten around to write this entry now. This relatively new restaurant – Fish – located on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel in Auckland is opened in partnership with The Nourish Group that is responsible for restaurants such as Jervois Steak House and Euro.

Situated at the end of Princes Wharf, it has a panoramic view and an outdoor deck with a fireplace. A lovely environment and the decor is an improvement from White, the previous restaurant of Hilton. Firstly, I have to rave about the amazing complimentary bread. What looked to be regular warmed bread rolls was in fact a delicious goat cheese-filled bread. The creamy cheese center was still warm and a nice surprise. We were also given complimentary leek soup in an adorable glass apparatus. Very tasty and the crouton was a nice touch.

As for mains, the crab and prawn crusted hapuka with leeks, porcini mushrooms and a garlic milk sauce was divine. The fish was very tender but what made this dish amazing was the generous amount of luscious crab. My partner’s steak with carrots, chorizo croquette and a bordelaise sauce however, was slightly dry. But overall, the mains were fantastic.

Surprise surprise, we managed to squeeze in some dessert. It’s hard to say no when they have a nice variety of desserts on offer. I ordered the hot and cold pina colada which consist of a hot pineapple gel (in the glass), sliced pineapples, frozen Malibu sorbet and freeze dried pineapple. The different temperatures reminded me of the chocolate dish from The Grove but I prefer this fruity citrus edition. The different textures was interesting and I had no idea that freeze dried pineapples tasted so good! My partner ordered the trio of ice cream and sorbet with very interesting flavours. Caramelised popcorn sorbet, honey roasted oatmeal ice cream and white chocolate sorbet. I thought it was good but the white chocolate sorbet was slightly too sweet for me.

For seafood lovers, I believe Fish would be an excellent restaurant to try out. They have a good variety of different fish available such as salmon, flounder, tuna, hapuka and blue cod as well as scallops, clams, whitebait, oysters and paua. A good representation of New Zealand’s finest seafood. I also recommend this place if you love dessert. The hot and cold pina colada dish is a must try! Or if you want to try something extravagant, order the nitro chocolate mousse! The chef prepares this table-side and with the help of chemistry, it turns a velvety warm chocolate mousse into what resembles a ‘rock’ that has a frozen hard coating but a warm creamy center. Our waiter encouraged us to try it but neither of us were keen on a chocolate dessert. Maybe I should go back soon to taste it, you know, for the sake of you all!

Date: Saturday 3rd September, 2011 | Location: Hilton Hotel, 147 Quay Street, Princess Wharf, Auckland CBD | Food: Seafood 


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