Taste at the Cloud

Taste at the Cloud is a journey through some of the best ingredients in New Zealand. Organised by the same group that does Taste of Auckland (which is called Taste of New Zealand this year), it works in a similar system where you can get small tasting dishes for a relatively low price.

There are four ticketing options available and they range from $17 to $54 and can include up to eight drinks and eight beverages. All the ‘tastes’ cost the same, unlike Taste of New Zealand, you won’t be left with two crowns that you can’t spend on anything. I opted for Option D which for $54 includes eight tasting dishes and eight beverages. Their floor plan is split into four section – seaside, urban, winery/orchard, rural – and the menu is split accordingly. Each menu has four different dishes to chose from and the variety is decent. The beef brioche burger from the rural menu is by far the most popular as their counter is always occupied which is understandable as it was delicious!

My favourite dish was the clam chowder and the beef brioche burger. The kiwi pavlova ice cream with meringue topping was also better than expected. As for the beverages, if you opt to have a wine, the portion is rather small. But if you were to get a cocktail, beer or non-alcoholic drinks, it is a more generous volume. The kiwi summer cocktail with kiwi vodka, feijoa and pear sparkling juice and a slice of apple is refreshing and very tasty.

This event which is on till October 23rd is open everyday till 6:00pm. The event is pretty successful and much cheaper than the regular Taste. Not as much variety but it is indoor and they were considerate enough to give you a free bottle of water with your ticket. A really worthwhile event which I recommend to you all. I would go earlier during the day if you want to avoid long cues!

Date: Saturday 17th September, 2011 | Location: Queens Wharf, Auckland CBD | Food: Event


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