I usually don’t venture all the way out to Bombay for a meal but since my friend came back from Hong Kong for a visit, we decided to go somewhere new for lunch. Bracu is a beautiful and peaceful restaurant located in New Zealand’s largest olive grove – Simunovich Olive Estate. The estate produces high quality extra virgin olive oil and all natural skin care products (Olive and Tebe) over 96 hectares of olive trees.

We arrived at Bracu on a sunny Friday afternoon and opted to sit on the covered patio so we could enjoy the sun as well as the view of their gorgeous garden. The selection in the lunch menu is rather limited as there was only four choices for mains but on the other hand, the wine list is extensive. We were offered freshly baked focaccia bread with a side of salt flakes and olive oil. Their award winning extra virgin olive oil was amazing and very easy on the palate. A great combination with the warm bread.

We had decided to skip entrees as we decided to not have such a heavy lunch and went straight to the mains instead. The seared eye fillet with celeriac puree, spinach and crunchy parsnip was perfectly cooked. The meat was tender but the sauce was slightly too overpowering. The snapper with buttered leeks and bacon crumbs was moist and the bacon added a nice crunchy texture to the dish. The herb gnocchi with macadamia, rocket, and shaved parmigiano was much better than expected as I’m not a fan of gnocchi. The ample amount of cheese was a great touch.

Overall, Bracu is worth the thirty minutes travel. The restaurant is charming and the staff were delightful. I do recommend that you go during the afternoon or an early dinner during the summer so you can enjoy the scenery. It’ll also prevent you from getting lost on your way there. The staff are very helpful and upon reserving a table, they do ask whether it was a special occasion so they can accommodate you.

Date: Friday 19th August, 2011 | Location: 49 Main Road, RD1, Bombay | Food: Contemporary New Zealand


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