High Tea – Cin Cin on Quay

I can use many words to describe my afternoon tea at Cin Cin on Quay. These include disappointing, lack of variety, rushed, bland, expensive, and random. Yes, yes, this is not going to be a good review on what is suppose to be one of the good restaurants in the waterfront area, so here we go.

Cold and tasteless scones which looked extremely yellow (it was not a cheese scone). Badly assembled and bland egg and lettuce ‘sandwich’ which was clearly one and a half bape divided into six. Odd tasting desserts that lacked presentation and variety.

I’ve had my fair share of high tea/afternoon tea and I would have to say that this can not even compare to any other as it was just not up to scratch. First of all, I’m pretty sure that these were all set out prior as we were given our three tier of food within minutes of sitting down. Yet, is it so hard to heat up the scones? The sandwiches were ridiculous. Where is the variety? Couldn’t they have at least added some ham in there? They were so badly constructed that they fall apart with everywhere. It was dry and tasteless – I could not taste any sauce with the eggs. In terms of desserts, they were just plain odd. The purple and green sponge cake resembled a green tea and red bean dessert but it was too overly sweet. The chocolate brownie, although on the dry side, was okay. The colourful lamingtons we didn’t want to try and the pikelets with custard according to my friend, was also not good.

The normal pricing of afternoon tea in Cin Cin on Quay is $35 per person. Although we had a two for one grabone voucher, it was not worth it. They charge similar prices in Langham and Stamford Plaza! I would not even pay $10 for this. The purpose of these grabone deals is to promote a company which ideally should encourage us to visit again. I doubt I will ever go back to Cin Cin on Quay for high tea again. It was a disappointing meal.

Date: Saturday 23rd July, 2011 | Location: Auckland Ferry Building, 99 Quay Street, Auckland CBD | Food: Afternoon Tea


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