Spices Thai

 The act of sharing dishes amongst your friends and family not only allows everyone to have a taste of all the food, it is also a relatively cheaper option compared to everyone ordering each, an entree and a main. One of the many perks with a handful of Asian cuisine. Out of all the Asian cuisine that I have tried, Thai food is one of my favourite.

On this occasion, my friends and I dined at Spices Thai in Botany South for a friend’s birthday. We arrived on a busy Sunday night with about half of the restaurant already occupied – this was a good sign! The interior decoration, in my opinion, is a little tacky and mediocre but the environment was nice and the staff that greeted and served us was very friendly.

A majority of the entrees offered in Thai restaurants are deep-fried, which we had no problems with. So we ordered the Vegetarian Thai and Prawn spring rolls. The Thai spring rolls consist of vegetables and vermicelli wrapped in spring roll pastry and deep fried. These were a little overdone as part of the pastry was slightly burnt, but it was piping hot and a nice start to the meal. The prawn spring rolls were delicious and combined with the sweet chili sauce, it got our appetite rolling.

As for mains, we ordered three to split amongst the four of us. However, with the portion size at Spices Thai, I do recommend that you should order a dish per person. But because my friends’ appetites were rather small, we decided on only three mains. The vegetarian Pad Thai was amazing, the rice stick noodles were perfectly cooked and there were plenty of sauce and vegetables. The red curry with roast duck was excellent on rice and the roast duck inside was tender and tasty. The stir fry of chicken and vegetables in a creamy peanut sauce – chicken praram – was rather plain but the peanut sauce was a nice contrast compared to the spicy curry.

In general, Spices Thai is a lovely inexpensive Thai restaurant that has an extensive menu. A majority of their dishes allow you to pick what meat you prefer as well as the level of spiciness. They have three franchises all within East Auckland – Highland Park, Mt Wellington and Botany South and is worth a try. The portion of the dishes were on the small side but the all you can eat jasmine rice for $2 per person should be enough to keep everyone full.

Date: Sunday 10th July, 2011 | Location: 123 Ormiston Road, Botany South | Food: Thai Cuisine


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