I was made aware of the crayfish special at Harbourside through the newspaper. Meaty and delicious crayfish for $55. What a bargain! My friends and I went last Sunday to make the most of this deal. Harbourside has a lovely intimate and vintage setting and their cuisine is mostly seafood based.

For entrees, we ordered the seafood platter to share amongst four which included a variety of seafood such as prawns, fish, mussels, cockles, octopus, and scallops. The portion for this platter is rather small compared to Soul, but everything was tasty and was adequate considering it was our entree. The $55 special involve the whole crayfish cooked in a style of your choice. Three of us decided to get the char-grilled crayfish which comes with a side of three different sauce (I remember garlic butter being one of them, but can’t remember the other two) and my other friend ordered the crayfish in mornay sauce. The portion may not look enough but it was meaty and fresh and was a decent size for a main.

And of course, we left room for dessert! The light vanilla panna cotta served with apple jelly, rhubarb compote and ginger shortbread was light and delicious. The apple jelly on top was a lovely compliment to the vanilla panna cotta. The warm pear and almond tart with custard and almond praline ice cream was not overly sweet and was a big portion compared to the other two desserts. However, by the time this dessert was served, the ice cream had melted, which was a let down. The Grand Marnier savarin served with lemon cream, fresh citrus and mandarin sorbet is a fantastic fruity choice for anyone wanting something light for dessert. The tart mandarin sorbet was a great match to the sweet liquor-soaked cake. All the desserts was superb and we had no problems clearing our plates.

Overall, this meal was exceptional. Although the presentation of the dishes were plain but it was not pretentious. Everything was seasoned perfectly and delectable. Decent portion and decently priced. They have an extensive menu and although their emphasis is on seafood, they do serve a variety of meat such as beef and duck. They open seven days a week and have a continuous service from 11:30am. A very worthwhile restaurant to try.

Date: Sunday 26th June, 2011 | Location: First Floor of Ferry Building, Quay Street, Auckland | Food: Emphasis on Seafood


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