Merediths, restaurant of Michael Meredith, is located on Dominion Road. I believe I drove pass this restaurant twice while trying to locate it and when I did find it, I had a hard time trying to find the door leading me inside. A few of my friends have told be about this place and all of them has described their food as amazing. I knew I had to try. However, we had to go on a weekday as they don’t serve a la carte during Friday and Saturday night.

Given complimentary sour dough bread as appetizers, my parter and I ordered the Northland paua with deep fried smoked eel, cauliflower sprouts and grains as well as the Akaroa salmon with raw scampi tails, pink grapefruit jelly and cucumber sorbet. The warm paua dish was a nice contrast to the cold salmon and scampi and both dish had great texture and a mixture of different components. I particularly liked the cool cucumber sorbet combined with the fresh scampi tail and the tartness of the grapefruit jelly gave a refreshing finish.

For main, I picked the kingfish served with leeks, octopus and mandarin sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked, it was soft and juicy and the almond slice gave a crunchy texture. There were two different servings of octopus – poached and deep fried – and both were tender and not too chewy. Nothing is more horrible than overcooked and chewy octopus/squid. I was not a big fan of the mandarin relish so I avoided it. My partner chose the seared venison loin served with oxtail, sweetbread and poached celery and carrots. The venison was superbly cooked – medium rare – and was tender and succulent. However, a similar citrus relish was served with the venison.

Although the portions looked small, but it was quite a filling meal. Therefore, we only ordered one dessert to share. We had decided on something fruity and ordered the feijoa cake served with poached quince, lavender ice cream and liquorice marshmallow. This dessert was rather disappointing and I can now firmly say that I do not like the taste of lavender. The cake lacked a strong feijoa taste so it didn’t quite meet my expectation.

I really did enjoy my dining experience in Merediths. The service was excellent and the waiter that served us was informative, friendly and pours a large glass of wine! The dining area, although small, was intimate and cozy. The entrees and mains were delicious and they presentation for all the dish were stunning and not over pretentious. I was very glad that they didn’t serve any sort of foam. However, the dessert could have been better and the pricing could have been cheaper. On average, entrees are approximately $30, the mains are around $40 and the desserts are $18 each. Therefore, I think the degustation menu is much better worth your money. Maybe we will get the degustation next time.

Date: Thursday 2nd June, 2011 | Location: 365 Dominion Road, Mt Eden | Food: Contemporary NZ Cuisine


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