Serafin Cafe & Bar

I love Spanish food and the concept of tapas has always been a favourite. Ordering many small dishes and sharing it amongst the group is a great way to try a variety of dishes and can often allow us to determine just how good (or bad) the restaurant is by showing us whether or not they can maintain good quality and taste amongst all their dishes.

My partner and I had decided to take his mum out for an early mother’s day celebration and opted to have lunch at Serafin which is a new establishment on Dominion Road.

The first dish we had was the baked potato with chorizo and mojo verde sauce. The crispy coating and the chorizo stuffing inside the potato ball was divine.  It had excellent texture and the mild green herb sauce was a good accompaniment to the potatoes. The second dish was the meatball cooked in saffron sauce with peas and diced squid which was nice but nothing really out of the ordinary. The last dish, as pictured below, is the Spanish paella with seafood and chicken. The portion size we ordered was for three people, which from the photo is clearly too much for us to finish! Packed with seafood such as fish, mussels, clams, prawns and squid, it was like a seafood festival in a pan. It was delicious, the rice was cooked perfectly and the consistency of the paella was neither too dry or too runny.

I honesty think this place is worth a try. The food was excellent, the staff was friendly and the environment was comfortable. I think I could have sat there all day eating! However, when we went, they had yet to get their liquor license. I’m not sure if they have one yet, but they do have a nice variety of non alcoholic drinks. I would surely come back again before they get really busy during the World Cup, and maybe this time, I would have the time and stomach room to try their churros with chocolate sauce!

Date: Saturday 7th May 2011 | Location: 225B Dominion Road, Mt Eden | Food: Spanish Tapas


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