Sydney: Baroque – Bistro Bar Patisserie

As I went to Sydney for the purpose of my friend’s birthday, it’s inevitable that we went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate. Baroque is a bar/bistro/patisserie located on the harbor side of George Street that serves a fresh and authentic French menu with seasonally changing bistro dishes. It has a beautiful designer dining room with modern furnishing and a rustic industrial ceiling. The restaurant was full on the late Monday night, but as we booked ahead, we were given a small table by the door which gave us a view of the kitchen and the busy chefs!

We were not very hungry so instead of ordering entrees, we decided to only have breads to start. For mains, my friend ordered the ricotta gnocchi served with zucchini, onion bouillon and rose pickles and I  chose the pan-seared barramundi served with heirloom carrots, soubise and a light chicken vinaigrette. My dish was amazing as the fish was moist and tender and the different sauces were flavorsome and accompanied with the fish, it was spectacular. I didn’t try my friend’s dish but the presentation of it was stunning and she clearly enjoyed it as she practically licked the plate clean!

Another good reason for not ordering entrees is so we have room to get desserts! They offer a nice variety of fancy desserts and we both decided that we had to get one each. I ordered the Pink Lady apple sorbet served with raspberry, yoghurt mousse granola, mint granite, and sprigs of wood sorre. First of all, the presentation was marvellous! Secondly, the combination of the different textures and flavour is orgasmic. I would rank this as one of my all-time favourites. Just thinking about it makes me drool! My friend ordered the white peach and almond soufflé served with a scope of peach sorbet and a biscuit which they call ‘cats tongue’. As you can tell from the picture, the soufflé was perfectly done and it was so light and fluffy!

I have to say that Baroque was a delicious experience that I recommend to anyone that is going to visit Sydney. The setting was beautiful and the food was amazing. The price is on the high end of the scale but it is worth every cent. Don’t forget to book if you decide to visit and make sure you stop by the Patisserie counter and get your fix of freshly made french pastries such as cakes, tartlets and a variety of different flavour macaroons.

Date: Monday 4th April, 2011 | Location: 88 George Street, Sydney | Food: Contemporary French

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