Sydney: Mizuya Restaurant and Bar

These entries from my trip to Sydney is long overdue. I have recently been swamped with work and university, it is only now that I found time to update my food blog. So here goes!

Early last month, I had a short trip to Sydney to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I only went for five days and I spent those days eating, drinking, sightseeing and relaxing. One of the restaurants that I visited is Mizuya located on the busy George Street in Sydney’s CBD. The place was packed on a Saturday night but we were lucky and got given a booth and was instructed on how to order from their touch screen menu. It’s rather high tech! The touch screen, located on one end of the booth, allowed us to visualize what to order and at our own pace.

There is a large variety of dishes to chose from – such as sushi/sashimi, a la carte, kushiage, sides, specials, and desserts – and we made the mistake on ordering too much too quickly and our table soon filled up with yummy Japanese food. The best dish for me is the scallop carpaccio. The scallop is fresh and juicy and when combined with the dressing – delicious! The chawan-mushis which is an egg custard with shiitake mushrooms and prawns were velvety smooth and served piping hot. We also ate a seafood hot pot and edamame but they missed out on a photo opportunity as I was too busy devouring the dishes.

Overall, the meal was satisfying and delicious. There were some aspects that could improve such as the temperature of the deep fried eggplant and asparagus but it was a good mean none-the-less.

Date: Saturday 2nd April 2011 | Location: 614 George Street, Sydney CBD | Food: Japanese

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