Prohibition Restaurant

Prohibition Restaurant, located in Ponsonby, is a dining experience that takes us to the nostalgic 1920s. The design of the interior, as described on their website, gives the vibe of the sophistication of New York as well as the audacity of Chicago. The decor of leather chairs and velvet tablecloth, along with the dim lighting, provides a different but comfortable environment to wine and dine.

This is my second visit to Prohibition. The first time was dinner with my partner and I recall the meal being decent but slightly pricey. This time, I went with a group of girls for afternoon/low tea (the term high tea is a misnomer therefore the correct term to use is actually low tea) after purchasing two for one vouchers on  They offer two options for their afternoon tea (the $34 option includes a tea or coffee and the $57 option includes a glass of champagne) and both comes with a three tier plate stand that offers freshly made sandwiches, baked sweet and savory scones and an assortment of mini desserts.

Overall, I enjoyed the selection of food they offered. The mini ‘sandwiches’ served with a bun is a nice change from the usual club sandwiches, and with fillings like grilled prawns, it was amazing. The scones were delicious, but the desserts did not appeal to me. Altogether, the meal was average and would have been more enjoyable if the quality of service was better. The waitress did not look like she was enjoying herself, and she nearly spilt tea all over my camera! I wouldn’t mind going back again if I have another two for one voucher!

Date: Saturday 19th March 2011 | Location: 108 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | Food: Afternoon Tea


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