Marvel Grill

I’ve been meaning to give this place a try after reading a review in Viva Magazine last year. But as I tend to not venture over the shore, I’ve only just recently gave this place a try. Marvel Grill is a warm and friendly gathering place with a beautiful dark wood/red leather interior as well as a small seating area outside where the last hours of the sun can be enjoyed over a glass of wine.

We visited this place on a Saturday night and because it was a spontaneous trip, we did not make any bookings and therefore ended up sitting outside. However, it was fine as the sun didn’t set until after 8:30pm. The place wasn’t very crowded when we first arrived, but it soon started to fill up. We were glad that we sat down first or else we would have to join the long cue of waiting patrons wanting to dine.

Although Marvel Grill is known for it’s amazing selection of grilled meats and contemporary kiwi cuisine, we decided to order the mixed seafood grill with fish, cockles and prawns in a white wine butter sauce to share. We intended to order a small portion of eye fillet but were told by the waiter that the seafood grill is a pretty large portion so we gave it a miss. We also ordered a side of the grilled vegetables which consists of flat mushrooms, courgettes, eggplants and peppers.

The mixed seafood grill was delightful. The prawns were de-shelled, the clams were big and juicy and the fish was tender and cooked to perfection. We even ended up finishing the roasted garlic as it was exceptionally delectable. As we decided to split a main, we both had enough room to order a dessert each. I decided to get something tangy and ordered the citron tart with tamarillo compote while my friend  had the chocolate liquid centre pudding with vanilla ice cream. The tart was a lovely end to my meal. The tangy lemon taste was not overwhelming and the tamarillo compote was a lovely complement. The so-called pudding was more like a chocolate fondant and apart from the appearance, it was a perfect dessert.

Marvel Grill is one of those places that I know I will go back to again. The staff were friendly, the food was excellent and it’s one of those places where you can talk loud and not be stared at. Their food is not over-pretentious and is something that I can eat over and over again. A must try!

Date: Saturday 26th February 2011 | Location: 32 Anzac Street, Takapuna | Food: Contemporary New Zealand


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