Ever have one of those restaurants where either your friends had highly recommend or received a good review not meet up to your expectation? I have to admit, some of my friends who read my blog has similar experiences with the places I recommend and lets be honest, some restaurants are unable to produce excellent results every time. There could be many reasons for this and it can range from different chefs cooking, lack of staff or even the chef having an ‘off’ day. Anyways, the reason for this rambling is because last week, I experienced a below average meal at Ironique which just so happens to be one of my friend’s favourite place to eat in Mt. Eden.

Our meal started with garlic bread which was crunchy and favoursome and arrived promptly after we placed our order. However, it was a deceiving start. We decided to get the caesar salad with chicken and the steak burger for our mains and it must have not been the best choice as the meal went downhill from there. The chicken was extremely dry in my caesar salad and that was probably made worst by the lack of sauce in the salad. And the biggest disappointment would have to be the poached egg as it was overcooked which deprived me of my runny egg yolk. The portion of my partner’s steak burger might have been big, but the steak was tough and hard to chew.

We didn’t stick around to see if Ironique could redeem themselves with their dessert menu. Instead, we walked across the road to Frasers for coffee and cake. I have yet to completely give up on Ironique though. Apparently their breakfast and lunch is much better. So let’s just hope that the chef that night either had an ‘off’ day or that he only works night.

Date: Tuesday 1st February 2011 | Location: 448 Mt Eden Road | Food: Cafe


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