Taste of Auckland

Taste of Auckland is an annual event that involves some of Auckland’s top restaurant serving their best cuisine and dishes. This year’s event took place in Victoria Park between 18th to the 21st of November and it’s main purpose is to showcase and celebrate Auckland’s finest food and drink.

This event is definitely not cheap as you need to purchase a general admission ticket to the event as well as purchase ‘crowns’ which acts as the event’s currency and are used to buy dishes from the restaurants where $1 equals to 1 crown and each dish cost around 8 to 12 crowns.

Restaurants – this year – includes Bracu, Clooney, Euro, dine by Peter Gordon, The Grove, Harbourside, Mudbrick and many more. Overall, I thought the event was a success and all the food that my friends and I tried were all decent if not delicious. The pictures below were the dishes that I personally tried. My favourite dish would have to be from Euro which I had not taken a photo of. It was the Alaskan King crab and prawn in jalapeno creme fraiche sauce topped with tuna wafer. It was very rich and delectable and is the main reason why I will be going to Euro in the near future!

Mudbrick – Trio of duck, spiced soubise, grape jus, roasted coriander seeds, radish micro salad. The first dish I ate. Duck was tender and juicy and the crispy pastry on the duck wonton-like portion was delicious.

The Grove – Valrhona chocolate pave, cookie crumbs and strawberry cream. A very rich and large portion! The chocolate pave was scrumptious and was an amazing match with the strawberry cream. My second favourite dish!

Bracu – Simunovich extra virgin olive oil cake, macadamia nuts, fresh berries and yoghurt gelato.  The cake was alright, nothing too spectacular but the yoghurt gelato was refreshing and different. If only there was more!

Harbourside – Rose pannacotta, strawberry & pistachio salad and orange blossom dressing. The pannacotta was light and divine and combined with the crunchy texture of the pistachio nuts – outstanding!

Harbourside – Cured kingfish carpaccio with ruby grapefruit, shaved fennel, thyme and olive oil. I didn’t really wanted to order this but I had too many desserts and the menu seems to be dominated by duck. It was a refreshing dish but was only so-so.

Monsoon Poon – Malaysian Sago pudding with palm sugar syrup and coconut cream. The cheapest dish from the menu and for only 6 crowns this dessert was not bad. The pudding was a tad dry on the inside and the sugar syrup was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Overall, the event was a lovely outing for my fellow foodies and myself. A must try for anyone that loves food and wants to try something different. Next year’s Taste will be in October so keep an eye out for early bird tickets if you want to save some money.

Date: Sunday 21st November 2010 | Location: Victoria Park | Food: Auckland’s Finest


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