One 2 One Cafe

Making a decision on where to have lunch in Ponsonby have always been rather difficult as the choices are endless as you walk along the main road. After strolling along and deciding which is the best place to try, we settled on One 2 One Cafe which is located around the middle of Ponsonby Road and was rather busy compared to the other cafes.

We were greeted by friendly staff when we walked in and we took our time deciding on what to have for lunch from the large menu that is positioned behind the counters. My friend wanted to get something sweet so she ordered the freshly made pancakes with yoghurt, lemon curd and fresh fruits whereas I wanted something savory and picked the creamy portobello on Ciabatta with avocado.

Both meals were delicious and I especially enjoyed the sauce that was served with the mushroom.  The best feature of One 2 One Cafe would have to be the beautiful garden courtyard area located at the back of the restaurant where you can sit and enjoy the sun as well as the amazing food and coffee. The downside however, is that they don’t serve iced drinks such as ice coffee or ice chocolate. That was rather disappointing as we wanted an iced coffee to enjoy on that beautiful sunny day.

Date: Saturday 20th November 2010 | Location: 121 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | Food: Cafe


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