Kura Sake Bar

I’ve been to Kura many times before as it is conveniently located on upper Queen Street and is a lovely place to dine before heading to the cinema or the Civic for a show. It has been awhile since my last visit and I was truly disappointed when I went back a week ago.

As we were wanting a nice decent Japanese meal before we watched the Rocky Horror Show, we had decided on Kura as it is only about 5 minutes from the Civic. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived so were given a small table. The service was quick with the staff taking both our drinks and food order within 10 minutes of us sitting down. We ordered the steamed broccoli with peanut sauce, Kura donburi special, beef tataki and the spider roll. Both the steamed broccoli and the beef tataki were very nice but the donburi and the spider roll did not meet my expectations. First of all, the last time I ordered the spider roll, the portion had been bigger and had a generous garnish of mayonnaise that gave the sushi a better taste. The rice in the donburi was hard and luke warm which suggests the rice has been sitting out for a while. It also lacked sauce making the rice very dry and tasteless.

As I wanted to finish with something sweet, we ordered the green tea creme brulee for dessert. As you can probably tell from the photo, the layer of hard caramel was a little too burnt giving it a bitter aftertaste that stuck to our teeth but the green tea custard underneath was nice.

I have to say that this experience at Kura was very disappointing. It could be because the previous times has been so good, that my expectation might have been to high. But this inconsistency is just not on. Hopefully it is due to lack of experience kitchen staff which would make this a one-off event.

Date: Wednesday 17th November 2010 | Location: 319 Queen Street, Auckland CBD | Food: Japanese


2 thoughts on “Kura Sake Bar

  1. huh.. so it's not that good now eh?I used to love their soft shell crab, but I don't go there anymore because other places started having soft shell crab as well

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