This lovely Italian eatery is located near the intersection of Symonds Street and Mt Eden Road, its not a very noticeable restaurant and hence, only heard knew about this place when I was treated a lovely meal there with my darling friends. We arrived to a full and busy restaurant where patrons were laughing and talking loudly, a perfect environment for a group of girls that haven’t seen each other in weeks! None of that, talking quietly/fine dining atmosphere therefore we were feeling very much at ease.

We started with two antipastos for the table – Casatiello which is a homemade bread filled with cheese, salami and pancetta as well as the seafood and vegetable platter. They arrived fairly quickly and was a decent start to the meal.

O’Sarracino’s menu has an emphasis on great seafood which made deciding on what mains to have a rather different task as I love seafood. Surprisingly – for an Italian eatery – they don’t actually serve pizza. Just as well, because I’m not a big fan of pizza anyways. My friends ordered the seafood ‘soup’ which was more like a stew and we were amazed at the amount of seafood they plated. It was full with mussels; clams; octopus; squid; prawns; scampi and even half a crayfish tail and for $38, it was well worth the money. They also decided on the seafood spaghetti baked in a pizza oven as well as the prawn pasta special which came with half a crayfish tail whereas I ordered the clams cooked in white wine and olive oil. All the mains that we ordered were cooked to perfection. The pasta were al-dente and they were not stingy with the amount of seafood they served. My clams were so juicy and plump and I had no problems devouring them.

The selection of desserts were a little disappointing due to the lack of variety but we still decided to get the home made tiramisu and berry panna-cotta. The portions served ideally could have been bigger, but we were quite full from the delicious mains, we weren’t too bothered about it. The taste and texture of both desserts were terrific especially the strong coffee taste in the tiramisu.

There is no doubt in my mind, that I would come back to O’Sarracino. I might even take my loud and rowdy family here as I am sure that even my picky father will enjoy this place. The substantial portions of the main, homey atmosphere and friendly wait staff made this dining experience memorable and a second, third and fourth visit is inevitable. Booking ahead is recommended.

Date: Saturday 9th October 2010 | Location: 3-5 Mt Eden Road, Auckland | Food: Italian


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