Kitchen – Hotel deBrett

As a surprise for my birthday, my lovely partner decided to take me out for a lovely dinner at a place that  I have yet to try but have heard so much about. Located on Auckland’s hippest street, Kitchen is the restaurant of Hotel DeBrett and was voted as the winner of Metro’s Best New Restaurant in 2009. It also recently received a great review in the Viva magazine.

We went on a Monday night so it was relatively quiet and we sat ourselves opposite the open kitchen which allow us to observe the chefs at work. My partner wasn’t very hungry so he decided to skip the starters whereas I ordered the Marlborough salmon served with avocado, citrus fruits, baby herbs and a scotched quail egg. It was a nice start to the meal and the combination of citrus fruits and salmon makes a refreshing and light start to the meal.

The mains menu has a decent variety and we decided on the roast grass-fed angus beef fillet served with garlic bread sauce, sauteed mushrooms and confit potatoes as well as the shitaki mushroom custard served with lemon gnocchi, artichokes, and candied chestnuts. According to my partner, the steak was decent. It was cooked perfectly but the sauce was only okay. My dish was a disappointment as I expected a lighter mushroom custard, and this was a little too dense for my liking. But apart from the lemon gnocchi, all the other garnish tasted excellent and the artichokes were divine.

We didn’t end up ordering desserts as there wasn’t anything that caught our eye. Just as well because the power suddenly got cut off right after we finished our mains. We had to wait a while for them to figure out what was wrong and the chefs were kind enough to offer us some gourmet chocolates while we waited.

Overall, I think I should stop having such high expectation. I expected Kitchen to offer spectacular food and I ended up being rather disappointed even though the food was pretty good. I would have to say, the service they offer is excellent. The waiters and waitress were very attentive and our water glass were always timely filled. The sweet gestures of the free chocolates while we waited also establish the considerate and friendly service that Kitchen had to offer.

Date: Monday 4th October 2010 | Location: 2 High Street, Auckland CBD | Food: Contemporary New Zealand Cuisine 


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