Santos Maritime Cafe

Stopped by for a quick brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. A relatively quiet day in town so the cafe wasn’t too busy. The coffee was excellent and it’s been a while since I’ve been served a short Macchiato in a shot glass.

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch unless it involved some bacon. The big breakfast I ordered was served with extremely crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, bread and pesto and my sister ordered the toast pollo panini. The food was pretty decent but I expected some side salad with the panini due to the price they charged.

Overall, Santos Maritime Cafe is a lovely place to relax, eat and read the daily newspaper. The coffee they served were excellent but the price for the food is not desirable. A rather average experience for me.

Date: Sunday 12th September 2010 | Location: 130 Quay Street, Auckland CBD | Food: Cafe


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