Monetiths Brewery Bar

Have been very lazy with blogging lately so this entry is nearly a month late. Monteith’s Brewery Bar is located in Hanmer Springs in Canterbury and conveniently opposite the Hot Springs which makes for a lovely place to dine after a relaxing day at the spa. My partner and I visited this place during our short trip down to Canterbury and due to the unexpected earthquake, we ended up spending a day at Hanmer Springs enjoying the lovely hot pools as well as a relaxing visit to the Spa.

Enjoying Moneith’s tap beer by the pint, we chowed down on a thick and creamy seafood chowder with plenty of fish, mussels and prawns as well as buffalo wings and a large piece of scotch fillet served with potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes.

The meal was decent for the amount we paid and the atmosphere is very homey with the lovely fireplace keeping the restaurant warm. The restaurant did get pretty busy due to the small dining area available for the patrons and people ended up waiting for our table so they could start eating. Hence, we were a little rushed.

Overall, the food is decent and it has a very Cock n Bull vibe for those of us in Auckland. The food and beer portion is large, but the taste of the food can have some improvements such as the coating of the buffalo wings as well as the texture of the steak.

Date: Saturday 4th September 2010 | Location: 47 Amuri Ave, Hanmer Springs | Food: Pub Bistro


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