Kaikoura Seafood BBQ – Street Vendor

Kaikoura, located on the rugged east cost of the South Island, is famous for its seafood. The name Kaikoura actually stands for crayfish in Maori (kai – Food and koura – Crayfish). Driving along the town centre, you can see signs from cafes and restaurants advertising cheap crayfish as well as other yummy seafood goodies. But we were on a hunt for something a little different.

My friend recently did a short trip to Kaikoura a few months back, and told me about a little street vendor store that is on the way to the seal colony by the coast. The way she talked about the seafood still makes my mouth water and I had to give this place a try. I think it was the main reason why we did a 1.5 hour drive from Hanmer Springs all the way to Kaikoura.

As you can tell by the picture, the store is rather small and is the only one standing by the coast. Next to the store are several tables which looks on to the beach and the snowy mountains. It was a perfect location to enjoy a lovely seafood meal. It was however, without a shelter. So therefore, we were pretty lucky that it didn’t rain that day. But they do takeaways which means that you can eat them in your car!

They sell the crayfish as a whole and depending the size of crayfish you want, the price does vary. But not by alot. The crayfish was served with a side of rice, salad and extremely tasty garlic bread. We also ordered a whitebait fritter as well as garlic scallops. The meal was amazing! It was a pain not having the proper utensils to break apart the claws, but I guess our teeth worked just fine.

I would recommend this street vendor to anyone that is planning to visit Canterbury. It may be a drive to those staying at Christchurch, but the scenery and food is worth the effort. I can’t give you the exact address of this vendor, nor can I be sure that it wouldn’t move by the time you visit. But it sure is worth hunting for.

Date: Sunday 5th September 2010 | Location: Fyffe Quay, Kaikoura | Food: Street Vendor – Seafood


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