French Connection

This little french restaurant is located on upper Symonds Street and is right opposite the ever so popular French Cafe. I love French food and have been meaning to try this place for quite a while. But it’s location never really appealed to me.

The restaurant is cosy but is in a desperate need for new decor. We arrived to a dim restaurant and was greeted by a too cheerful wait staff that looks too young to be working on a school night. As this was a spontaneous dinner event, I had forgotten to take my camera so this entry will be photo-less.

We started with the Escargots de Bourgogn and these can be ordered either in lots of 6, 12 or 18. Cooked in garlic butter, these escargots were divine and I wished we had ordered more! For mains, we both ordered medium rare steaks. I ordered the steak rossini with pate and mushrooms and my partner ordered the steak au roquefort with creamy blue vein cheese sauce. The steaks were more of a medium rather than a medium rare, so that was disappointing. The sauces for the steaks were pretty good, especially the cheese sauce which was excellent with the side of crispy potatoes.

The desserts choices did not appeal to us, so for once, we decided to skip dessert. Overall, French Connection is a pretty average restaurant that really need a make over in order to compete with all the other amazing French bistros in Auckland.

Date: Tuesday 17th August 2010 | Location: 235 Symonds Street, Auckland City | Food: French


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