Banque – Bistro Gastro Bar

I remember reading about this place in the Viva magazine that is available on Wednesday in the New Zealand Herald and have been meaning to try this for quite a while. It was also a bonus when I realise that my Entertainment Card could give me a 25% off.

We went on a Saturday night and could only get there around 8:30pm. I was actually worried that it might stop serving food by then. But I was wrong, the place was so busy that we still had to wait around 20 minutes before we got a table. The selection of food in the menu was rather disappointing as there were not much to chose from (especially for my non-meat eating friend).

We both decided to eat fish. I ordered the pan-roasted hapuka with baby potatoes, spinach and clams and my friend ordered the fish of the day which was a pan-seared snapper. My dish was superb and the fish was very succulent.

And of course, we had room for dessert. The dessert selection had more variation compared to the mains. We ordered the apple bastilla with lemon curd and honey spiced ice cream as well as the dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and hazelnut cream. Both were very well presented and delicious. The bastilla was crispy and was a great match with the lemon curd. The ice cream however, was rather odd and tasted rather flowery. The chocolate cake was melt-in-your-mouth and matched with the chocolate mousse and hazelnut cream was just divine.

Overall, Viva was not wrong. Banque is a great restaurant that serves excellent food and provide great service. A must try for people that love great desserts!

Date: Saturday 14th August 2010 | Location: 311 Remuera Road, Remuera | Food: Bistro


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