Cornwall Park Restaurant

The Cornwall Park Restaurant is a charming little restaurant known for its high tea and it’s beautiful location. Nested inside the park, this hidden little restaurant is a great break from the city life. On this occasion, I went with my three sisters for a nice girly lunch. The place was rather quiet for a Saturday afternoon, but I guess the horrible weather kept people away.

My younger sister and I both ordered the two course daily set menu for $38.50 for either an entree/main or main/dessert. This is great value for your money but as the choices on the set menu is limited, it may not appeal to many people. We sister ordered the creamy cauliflower soup to start as part of her set menu and that arrived promptly. However, the mains took a long time and considering that it was a quiet day, the wait seemed extra long. For mains, we had the vegetarian pasta, seared salmon, pan-fried snapper and the seafood spaghetti. Each portion was a decent size and i really enjoyed my salmon with the spicy kumara and spinach.

And knowing me, I had to get a dessert with my two course set menu. And yes, I was the only one that still had room for dessert. I tried the blueberry and mascarpone torte with honey ice cream. It was divine but the size of the torte was just way too small to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Overall, the meal was very enjoyable. The wait for the food was longer than my liking but I guess when you have great company, it didn’t really matter. So even though the weather for the day was horrible, the excellent meal and amazing company made this outing close to perfect!

Date: Saturday 7th August 2010 | Location: Greenlane Road West, Cornwall Park | Food: Assortment


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