Located in a hidden corner near the Panmure road-about, Frantalia is a small French/Italian restaurant that probably don’t get visited enough. I was only told about this place by a co-worker which raved about the $40 set menu that includes an entree, main and dessert. However, she failed to inform me that this set menu is not available all the time. So of course, when I decide to try this place, the set menu was not available.

The menu proved to be a disappointment as it was dominated by Italian style items and very little French. We started with the chicken liver pate and home made margarita bread. The pate is okay, but the bread was amazing. The piping hot tomato and cheese bread was delicious and a great start to the evening.

For mains, we had the fettuccine alpollo and the chicken tortellini. The portion of these pasta dishes were enormous and we gave up trying to finish them. The sauces for both were well made and rich in flavour. The pasta was cooked al Dante and were enjoyable to eat.

Overall, Frantalia is a decent little restaurant, however, the food was rather average and not exciting. Maybe my co-worker gave me abit too much expectation and therefore, I was not that satisfied.

Date: Wednesday 23rd July 2010 | Location: 32 Jellicoe Road, Panmure | Food: French/Italian


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