Circus Circus

I’ve been to Circus Circus many times but mostly for brunch or lunch, so this is my first time to try out the dinner menu. Arrived around 8pm on a Thursday night and it was packed with people enjoying coffee and desserts. Although the place look small from the entrance, it can accommodate many customers with several rooms hidden in the back.

For starters, we decided to share a dish called Labane which the menu describes as a creamy cheese dip served with poppy seed pita crisps. The dip was not very cheesy which was disappointing at first. But eating it with the crisps is similiar to having wedges with sour cream. It was relatively addictive and we ate ALOT of it.

For the mains, we ordered the grilled pork fillet with creamy potato mash and the fish of the day served with parmesan risotto. Both were pretty good and the pork fillet was extremely juicy and tender. The only complaint about the mains would have to be the lack of creamy texture in the mashed potato.

Yes, we still managed to find room for desserts. I had my eyes on this since walking in from the entrance as I love apple crumble. Yet, this was the dish that let me down the most. The apple and rhubarb crumble was stringy and the crumble on top tasted very floury.

Overall, the meal was average. I would visit here again for brunch and lunch, but I doubt I would stop by here for dinner again.

Date: Thursday 15th July 2010 | Location: 447 Mount Eden Road, Mt Eden Village | Food: Cafe Style


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