Jervois Steak House

One of the best steak house in Auckland created by Richard Sigley and Simon Gault which offers exceptional cuts of meat. Came here with three of my girlfriends and we ate till we were bloated.The variety in entress were excellent with different specials each day. The main however is more tailored for the carnivores. Mostly a variety of different steaks which can be served with many fancy sauce and side dishes.

For starters we had lamb wellington, atlantic scallops, chicken pate and beef tartare. The chicken pate was excellent with a smooth consistency and I also enjoyed some of my friend’s beef tartare which was very rich.

For the mains, all three of my friends ordered the signature prime rib which requires a 24hour pre-order due to the slow cooking procedures. They didnt order other sauces as the horseradish that was provided were enough to add a little kick without over-powering the juicy and tender beef. I, on the other hand, tried the Chilean king crab that they offered (as they were out of the Alaskan king crab). The 400g portion were more than enough as each leg was extremely meaty and sweet.

After all that food, we even managed to fit in dessert! The range of dessert is typical with items such as apple tart, creme brulee, chocolate pudding and ice cream. However, they were still extremely tasty!

Overall, I recommend this place to all meat lovers or anyone that enjoys good food. A great place to dine with bubbly wait-staff and extremely tasty food.

Date: Saturday 10th July 2010 | Location: 70 Jervois Road, Herne Bay | Food: Steak House


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