dine by Peter Gordon

I have been to this restaurant many times before and had liked the food and the atmosphere. The most recent visit to dine was on Easter Sunday for a late dinner (around 8:30). The portions of food served at dine might like small, but it is more than enough for us to finish with our bellies hanging out.

We ordered the twice cooked pork belly and the Alaskan scallops to start and the panko crumbed crab crusted hapuka and the crispy skin snapper for our mains. The presentation of the food was excellent and the balance between the different components was perfect. They even gave us a tuna capaccio to start for free (I think the purpose was to cleanse our palate or something like that).

Overal, the meal was excellent. However, dine by Peter Gordon is a ‘sometime’ place to visit as the food really hits the wallet. But if they lowered the price, who knows! I might just go there every second weekend.
Date: Sunday 4th April 2010
Location: dine By Peter Gordon – Grand Hotel – 90 Federal St, Auckland
Food: Fushion – Asian, Pacific and traditional European Cuisine

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