Casa Tua Italian Restaurant

A great little Italian dining gem that is hidden in the shopping area in Farm Cove. Great range of pasta and pizza which tasted amazing! The service was excellent throughout the dining experience and the lovely waitress even helped us to take group photos!

My favourite dish would have to be the one on the right, the pasta with nothing on it. It’s called Spagheti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino and although it might look plain, it has a really different spicy taste to it.

Overall, the meal was amazing. And the fact that it was a little resturant next to the dairy in Farm Cove, it exceded my expectation. The flavours were excellent and the service was nothing less than perfect. I recommend this place to everyone, in particular the people that live around howick. This place is a little gem!
Date: Saturday 19th June 2010 | Location: 190 Fisher Parade, Farm Cove | Food: Italian

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